Writer's Workshop- Setting Up for the Year

Hey y'all! I recently released Unit 1 in my writer's workshop plans- Tales of a First Grade Writer. This video is a glimpse of how we're getting prepared in the beginning for a successful year of writing in first grade.  A few years back, I was feeling a little uncomfortable with my writer's workshop. I wasn't really sure if what I was doing was reaching my kids.  I started reading up on writer's workshop and what it looks like to truly write everyday with first graders. I felt like my kids were just writing with no direction and like I was on a deserted island with no help!!!  Unit 1 in Tales of a First Grade Writer is all about setting up the writer's notebook and all the components that lead to successful writing.

You can find this unit in my TPT store.  I'm excited about this writing journey and hope you'll join me! I'll be releasing a new unit each month. Each unit focuses on a genre of writing and is full of revising strategies, writer's tools, buddy work, and so much centered around creating independent writers. 
Stay tuned for the scope and sequence of the monthly units and the author's that will be spotlighted.